West Coast Campaigns

The Sun is Setting

... on the Empire of Men.

The days of man’s unquestionable reign are coming to an end as the Second Empire crumbles, torn asunder by wild tribes and clans, divided inside by rising tyrants and demagogues, the last efforts of democracy subdued by the torpor of bureaucracy. The last Emperor dies with no clear heir. The Senate disbands. Frontier territories go without protection, and thus, must look elsewhere.

This is where you come in. Leaving the safety of your village, your home, your family, to take up arms and seek fortune in the western frontier territory of Corsuca. Adventurers and treasure-hunters flock to the freshly acquired and recently relinquished province, where tales of untold riches and legends of mysterious creatures meet and make their unholy union.

Law and order have lost their grip on these lands. Jutice comes in the shape of a bastard sword. Civilization is seldom found, and sparse between the stretches of wilderness, unguarded roads, and endless mountains. But somewhere out there, your fortune is waiting to be found.


jimargh jimargh

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